Creosote Wood

Recycling Creosote Wood

Creosote wood is simply wood that has been treated with creosote meaning it is classed as hazardous waste by the Environment Agency (Grade D). This means it is vital that the disposal of creosote treated wood is carried out in a legal yet sustainable manner. HBS Waste can offer a service that caters for all creosote-treated wood recycling needs. This is because we can control the entire process, from transport to processing, right through to disposal.

What is Creosote Wood and how can you tell if your wood has been treated?

Creosote is used to treat various types of wood in many different situations to prevent rotting. It is used on electricity poles, telecommunication poles, animal/equestrian fencing, highway fencing and agricultural tree stakes. Prior to 30th April 2003, creosote could also be used for DIY projects.

Creosote has a dark colour due to it being made from coal, this is the easiest way to identify if the wood has been treated with it. The creosote might have also blocked the pores and veins of the wood. If none of these visible signs is apparent, then sometimes the treated wood can smell oily when the sun shines on it.

However, if none of this is obvious then the wood can be chemically tested using a swipe test kit, which will confirm if the wood is treated or not.

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How we dispose of Creosote Wood

We believe our approach is the most sustainable option available to date. This is because we offer a range of disposal solutions, each best suited to different conditions and types of creosote treated wood. HBS waste are not simply a glorified waste broker that collects and handles creosote treated wood, sending the product to another company’s disposal site, we offer a one stop shop for all disposal needs in-house.

We dispose of the wood by using a Waste Incineration Directive compliant combined heat and power plant. This results in the production of renewable energy in the form of heat and electricity for poultry housing, and to power drying floors for animal bedding. Alternatively, if the wood is of good enough quality, we may upcycle it by reshaping and repurposing it. This means that as well as offering a sustainable solution we can also offer a competitive price for the disposal and recycling of creosote treated wood.

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Benefits of our approach

We can cater for individual disposal jobs, as well as continuous contracts, by building long-term working relationships. Either way you can be sure that the creosote treated wood is being put to good use in an eco-friendly way. We recycle 100% of the product ourselves, in order to reduce material that would potentially be sent to landfill.

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