Leading the way in Planet Friendly Waste Disposal

As specialists in wood waste recycling, we are in control of the entire operation because we handle and process all the wood ourselves. The processed wood is then used to produce heat and power for our various poultry farms throughout Yorkshire. This means we are using renewable energy whilst simultaneously reducing the volume of materials previously sent to landfill.

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What we dispose of

Our point of difference is that we are one of the very few facilities in the country that can handle and process all grades of wood waste, including hazardous. We have the capability of handling large amounts of each grade and can provide an extremely cost-effective solution to your business’s disposal requirements. We are flexible in our approach to wood waste recycling and happy to accommodate individual requirements, also offering a collection service.

Waste Types
wood disposal in progress

How we are planet friendly

We not only process the waste ourselves but ensure that the excess heat produced is not wasted. All the excess is used to heat poultry housing and dry animal bedding. This combined heat and power approach makes us extremely efficient and eco-friendly, as we are not simply venting heat into the atmosphere. This has allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint and become closer to our net zero emissions target. The energy from waste plants on each of our farms are audited, monitored and licenced by the Environment Agency.

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