Our Story

Edward built his first poultry shed at the age of 21, and the business has subsequently continued to rear poultry since then. The company is still a family run business striving to become self-sufficient in all its major inputs. The EBCO (Holdings) Limited group is organically growing and is always looking for new ventures, with sustainability always being at the heart of everything it does.

This self-sufficient sustainable ambition is initially why the wood recycling journey began. It started when the company installed biomass boilers across all the farms and opened its own wood handling and processing facility in 2012.

The company has now installed combined heat and power plants converting waste to energy, not only to provide electricity and heat the poultry sheds, but to dry animal bedding. This makes HBS Waste one of very few companies that are licenced to handle and dispose of all grades of wood, including hazardous.

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